Behind the scenes

This website was inspired by @jessicahische looking for a backpack.

I just went through the same process, and there’s just so much out there. That’s why I’ve decided to curate some of the bags I personally like. This is not a review site, I haven’t tried all of the bags listed.

There is no revenue model behind all this, you won’t find any affiliate links, sponsored listings, or any of that stuff. This is just me filtering down hundreds of options to a manageable number.

I’m always looking for suggestions, so if you know of any great bags please do send them in.

What’s with all the black bags?

This is just an MVP for now. I’m working on adding more colors soon, as well as other bag types like travel and tote bags.

Do you have an interesting idea for Bag Curation? Find me on Twitter as @mattijsbliek, or send me an email at